On Mondays I hold a clinic at the Nether edge Herbarium. The Herbarium is a lovely little herbalist that offers a wide range of services. There is a Herbal medicine clinic and a number of complementary therapies as well as a herbal dispensary and natural remedies and skincare shop. Unfortunately there is no waiting area although it’s a lovely little shop to browse. However, I would ask that you arrive promptly for your appointment. There is parking on streets nearby, for directions please see the website below.


Nether Edge Herbarium, 386 Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield



Tuesdays - Thursdays I practice in Broomhill at the practice rooms, set in a lovely period property run by therapists for therapists. I find that there is a calm and quiet atmosphere. I generally use a rooms on the second or third floor however, should you need easier access this can be accommodated and I will happily book a room on the ground floor for you. Unfortunately there is no waiting room so please arrive promptly for your appointment. Specific details will be given in the confirmation of your booking. For directions and parking please see the link below.



5 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE